Guest Room Mini Makeover - Guest Room Mini Makeover

Hello friends! I thought I would share some pictures of a mini makeover that I did on our guest room a few weeks ago. Nothing too fancy, just some paint, a new light fixture, and pared down and rearranged furniture.

As you can see below, the walls had been chocolate milk brown since we moved in five years ago. Chocolate milk is a perfectly nice (and delicious) color, but I never would have picked it, and it didn't go with our stuff. - Guest Room Mini Makeover

The room was a sad hodge-podge of storage and guest bed. Lauren is our most frequent guest, but we've had quite a few guests over the years. I've always wanted to give this room some attention so that it would be a pleasant place to stay, and not just an okay-ish place to crash. - Guest Room Mini Makeover - Guest Room Mini Makeover

Halley thought it was ho-hum, and I have to say that I agreed with her. - Guest Room Mini Makeover

It's bright and cheery now! This room has the best natural light in our house, with southern exposure and a window facing east as well. Two gallons of bright white paint really makes that light shine. Instead of shutting the door and pretending our messy guest room doesn't exist, I'm drawn to this room! I've started working at the guest room desk regularly, and Halley and the kitties like to keep me company on the bed (just not at the same time.) - Guest Room Mini Makeover - Guest Room Mini Makeover
Guest Room Mini Makeover -

I decided at the last minute at the paint store to give the closet a fun pop of color. I love how it turned out. 

Guest Room Mini Makeover -
Guest Room Mini Makeover -
Guest Room Mini Makeover -

The very first step in redoing this room was making my lone star quilt. I could see the brightened up guest room in my mind as I put it together.  Grayce's beautiful Hooray For Rain quilt was also a very welcome addition! I've been having trouble deciding on a head board, and I realized the Hooray For Rain quilt would look perfect above the bed. It was a missing piece to this room. 

If time and resources were unlimited, I'd love to do a lot more to this room. That said, it feels like a pretty dramatic change for just a weekend of fix-up effort! Friends, let me know when you're coming to visit - our guest room is finally ready for you! 

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