Fabric Christmas Lights

Last year, I found this fabulous tutorial for Retro Fabric Christmas Lights, and couldn't wait to make my own.  I have no sewing experience or talent, which is why I tend to stick to paper crafts. Jen was gracious and patient enough to help me sew the light bulb outlines.

Once each of the lights was sewn, I used a pair of tweezers to fold them back to right side out since the opening was so small. I used a knitting needle to stuff each light bulb with polyfill, and chose not to hand sew each one shut. Instead, I used the eraser end of the pencil to tuck the fabric edges back inside with the polyfill, and hot glued a small bead to seal the stuffing and fabric edges. Before the glue dried, I attached the wooden spool and baker's twine per Erin's instructions in the tutorial.

I love that the options for these lights are endless with so many colorful fabrics and baker's twine on the market. The lights are perfect for fabric scraps and are cheerful and useful no matter what pattern you choose. I think it's fabulous that they are so kid-friendly and durable, unlike so many Christmas decorations.

I made a light bulb garland with each light tied on to the baker's twine string in a set pattern, but I also made a few with clothespins so the colors and patterns could be switched out. I tied the leftover lights onto my packages as fun decorations, and to be used as ornaments.


Happy Holidays!