Striped Quilts for Twins

Hooray for Rain - fraternal twin stripey quilts up close.jpg

Once every few years, Portland gets its very own snow storm. This February we had our first proper snow in five years. The first day was beautiful. The streets were peaceful, quiet, and magically transformed. Cars were left at home and people eagerly set out on foot to explore. Dogs snuffled and frolicked, and kids zipped down hills with makeshift sleds. 

As with most snow storms (in my limited experience) the magic and wonder were short-lived. Overnight our soft powdery blanket of snow turned to ice. I tried to take a walk to see friends who were visiting from California, but got spooked and turned around after several almost twisted ankles and a near miss with giant chunks of ice falling from a tree near my path. Mother Nature, I heard your message loud and clear.

I went home and got cozy, turned on the Winter Olympics, and finished these stripey quilts. I made these quilts for my friend Katie's adorable babies born this spring, a boy and a girl. The idea for the rainbow stripes came to me first, the strips were scraps from a scallop quilt that I am in the process of hand quilting.  I wanted the quilts to be similar but unique, so I made the second striped quilt with thicker strips and an ombre-ish repeating pattern. I finished the last binding stitch about an hour before sunset on the last day of the storm. Photographing quilts in the snow was a fun first!