Birthday Greetings

I adore any opportunity to send or receive any kind of snail mail, especially birthday mail. My mother is the Martha Stewart of remembering and recognizing birthdays, and I'm trying to follow closely in her footsteps. I've been getting tired of the birthday card options at my favorite card stores, and wanted to do something different. My good friend Kelsey celebrated her birthday at the end of July, and I decided to mail her this cheery birthday sign, again inspired by The Paper Mama.

I started with an array of patterned paper, and punched 2 inch circles for my sign.


I used stick-on scrapbook letters to speed up the process.

Recently I ordered a 5 lb package of multicolored pom-poms and have been trying to find ways to utilize them. I've seen a variety of these adorable ice cream cones on Pinterest, and thought they would dress up my sign.

I started with one of my favorite craft supplies -- a toilet paper tube. I unrolled it, and punched a 2 inch circle from it.

I cut the circle into uneven quarters, and rolled and hot glued them to make the cones.

Next, I hot-glued my pom-poms onto the cone to make a double scoop. I used the ice cream cones as spacers between the words. I punched each circle at the top, and threaded the sign with blue baker's twine. I folded the sign into an accordion, put it in a small box, and mailed it off to hopefully, brighten her day!