Puppies Part 2

Halley (pictured on the left) and Annie (pictured on the right) are completely adorable and delightful, and the last week has been a whirlwind. They are soft and cuddly, constantly full of antics, and the pictures don't do them justice. Before they were separated in Portland, they loved being together every possible moment.

Early stages of sharing...

Beating the heat by hiding under the lawn chair...

Annie and Lizzy are still getting to know each other. Lizzy is very patient and trying to adjust to this new little creature who loves to wrestle and bite her tail. They have moments like this:

and moments like this...

Over the weekend, the swimming pool was dusted off to survive the 90+ degree heat. Annie's entrances and exits into the pool would not earn her a 10 in the diving Olympics, but did provide fabulous entertainment.

Post swim aftermath.

Annie's current favorite activity is gallivanting through the yard to rip leaves off trees, then munching and crunching them in the grass.

She loves snuggling in clothes.

At her first vet appointment yesterday, she weighed a whopping 14 lbs, quite a bit more than Halley (10 lbs). Follow us on instagram @thethreegoldengirls to watch Halley, Annie, and Lizzy grow up!