Valentine Swap

Hello friends! Happy February!

I spent part of my weekend whipping up a batch of these amazing chocolate chip cookies, and making valentines for the Aunt Peaches annual Valentine Swap. Last year, I received incredible valentines from across the country and world!

I was so impressed by all the work of the participants last year that I had a hard time getting inspired for this year's swap. What better way to get excited about making valentines, then to pull out every pink, red, glittery, sparkly, heart-shaped item in your craft closet?

I decided on making a hot air balloon carrying a multitude of hearts in different shapes and patterns. I cut up bamboo skewers for the basket and got into a major fight with my glue gun. It won, but I'll get it next time.

I went for a rainy theme for my note insert since there's nothing better to represent Seattle!

My valentines are heading off to California, Florida, and Sweden. The message on the middle envelope says "Happy Valentine's Day" in Swedish. At least I hope it does...

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day!!!