Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Tube Friends

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and I was excited to spend part of this past weekend going through some of my decorations, and trying to decide what to put up to make these dreary, November days more festive. Last year, I found adorable toilet paper tube Thanksgiving friends and this colorful toilet paper tube turkey while perusing Pinterest, and couldn't resist making them to entertain the kids in our waiting room at work. They got so many laughs and smiles that I can't wait to put them out again this year.

The turkey came with a tutorial, but the others did not, and I'm not sure of the original source. I used construction paper, markers, and colored pencils to create my own versions. Parts of my Uncle Sam template could be modified for pieces of the pilgrims' outfits.

I'm working on some Thanksgiving goodie boxes for my cousins who live out of state. Towards the end of the month I'll be posting my Thanksgiving wrapping paper, and tutorials for the turkey-themed crafts I'll be sending them.

Wishing you a Happy November!