Special Occasion Banners

It seems like each week, there is always something - a birthday, anniversary, achievement, or birth to acknowledge. It gets overwhelming, but I've come to realize something small can mean so much. Last weekend, I made two banners to recognize three people in my life.

Over the weekend, I learned my friend Brynn passed her Bar exam. Remember when I went to Scrap a few weeks ago? I found some gorgeous sparkly red paper that looks like Dorothy's ruby red slippers, and decided to use it to make something to celebrate her achievement.

I used my 1 .25 inch square punch, shiny gold letters, baker's twine, and sparkly pom poms to create her sign.

This week is also my aunt and uncle's wedding anniversary. They spend much of their summer on a sailboat, so I used sea greens and blues, and my heart punch, for this anniversary creation.

I hope you have fun finding new ways to honor those you love!