Flying Geese Baby Quilt

Hooray for Rain - Flying Geese Baby Quilt

Each time I make a quilt I learn something. Usually it's a new or at least improved quilting skill. This time, the lesson was that I should trust my instincts!

Earlier this summer, our cute next door neighbors Seth and Leigh were pregnant with their second child. They waited until the birth to find out if they are having a boy or a girl...or, in other words, they have much more patience and self-control than I will ever have.

I wanted to make a baby quilt for their new kiddo, and I certainly could have made a very gender-neutral quilt, but I wasn’t really feeling it, and neither was my fabric stash. My gut told me they were going to have a girl. I was about 75% done with the quilt when I ran into Seth while out for a walk in the neighborhood, and he mentioned that most everyone was predicting that Leigh would have a boy based on the way she was carrying the baby. With less than two weeks until their due date I switched gears and stared this quilt…a very blue quilt.

What do you know, the day after I finished the quilt, Leigh had a perfect baby girl!

I could have given them this quilt anyway. I love blue and certainly think that little girls can love blue as well as any other color, and boys can love pink and every other color. Ultimately I decided to save this quilt for another baby, mainly because I was struck with inspiration to make complimentary quilts for the new baby, as well as her older sister.  

Maybe it was good that I didn't trust my instincts. It was fun to make flying geese again, and it feels nice to have this quilt in the bank.

Hooray for Rain - Flying Geese Quilt #flyinggeesequilt
Hooray for Rain - Flying Geese Quilt

I thought about quilting it with vertical lines but ultimately decided on chevrons.

Hooray for Rain - Flying Geese Quilt

Here’s one last picture that I took after I washed it. I love the ruffled, cuddly look of a quilt after it’s been washed.

Hooray for Rain - Flying Geese Quilt