Seahawks Super Bowl Sunday

Living in the Pacific Northwest during football season has been quite the experience over the last few years. I'll be the first to admit, I'm not the ultimate football expert, but I have nothing but love for the Seahawks. Seattle has been literally buzzing with excitement and unwavering hope for the team that's done the impossible, especially in last week's NFC Championship. The loyalty and support from the fans--the 12th Man and 12th Woman-- are one of a kind, and I'm so proud to be a part of it. In what other city do the fans get up at 4:00 in the morning to line the streets of the city to send off their team in tremendous spirit?

Every Friday before a game, I can't wait to put on my Seahawks jersey, my Russell Wilson #3 earrings, and my bright green Seahawks socks in support of Blue Friday. No matter where you go -- the grocery store, the gas station, or even the airport, you're in the minority if you're not wearing blue. We've had Seahawks Tailgate Parties at work complete with blue and green paper chains and so many baked goods full of Seahawks-themed food coloring that my tongue manages to match my outfit. This weekend will be no different.

In preparation for the upcoming festivities, I made Seahawk banners and swizzle sticks.

This project was a fabulous excuse to play with my new Silhouette, and it didn't disappoint.  Within seconds, I had my letters cut out.

I used both my letters and the letter outlines to make two different banners.

For the second banner, I attached the contrasting color to the letter outlines from the original banner.

The inspiration for my second project came from Jen. For my birthday last year, Jen gave me one of the most incredible presents that I hope to give to other craft-lovers in the very near future. She purchased Martha Stewart's Handmade Holiday Crafts and selected about eight projects from the book. She compiled the supplies for each craft in individual bags, and gave me the craft kits with the book. How many times do you see an idea, and think "I'd really like to make that but don't have time to go get all the supplies?" I thought this was brilliant, so useful, and creative.

These sparkly swizzle sticks were one of the projects, and I was thrilled to use Seahawks colors!


-Skewers and/or toothpicks
-Craft glue
-Pom poms (assorted sizes and colors)

I also made a few small party picks with toothpicks and the miniature pom poms.

Last year, the incredible Seahawks kicker, Steven Hauschka (#4), helped win so many games with his reliable and accurate field goals.  The kicker is rarely recognized. Other players often get the credit. Hauschka comes through when no one else can.

On Sunday afternoon, I will be glued to the television, screaming my lungs out, wearing #4, and genuinely hoping for a back-to-back Seahawks Super Bowl victory. Go Hawks and Go Hauschka!!! Happy almost Super Bowl Sunday!