Rainbow Spiderweb Quilt Top

Rainbow Spiderweb Quilt Top - Hooray for Rain

About a year ago, I picked out a rainbow stack of solid fabric that matched Ann Kelle’s Remix Hearts. I adore the Remix Hearts print because it makes me think of my 80’s childhood. I made big plans for my rainbow fabric stack, and those plans are almost complete! My big plans included three quilts.

First, I finished a stripey baby quilt.  

Stripey Twin Quilts - Hooray for Rain

Next, I finished my Ample Curves Quilt. 

Ample Curves Quilt - Hooray for Rain

The scallop quilt left me with some useful scraps. I used the Accuquilt Drunkard’s Path die to cut the scallop units. To get a quarter-scallop block using the Drunkard’s Path die, you trim the concave fabric to a quarter inch after piecing the block, leaving two scraps of fabric that are about one and three-quarter inches by 7 inches, and one and one-quarter inches by 6 inches.

Drunkard's Path Block Pieces - Hooray for Rain

I realized that I was going to have a lot of scrappy little strips left over, and decided that it was the perfect opportunity to try out the beautiful spiderweb block.  As it turns out, my friends, the spiderweb block is a serious scrap buster!

Rainbow Spiderweb Quilt Block - Hooray for Rain

When I finished Ample Curves, I had about 132 strips collected. I trimmed all the strips to one and one-quarter inch wide. Each of these spiderweb blocks used up a whopping 64 strips!

As you might guess, I had enough strips for exactly two blocks. I loved the way they looked, and I wanted to make more. I scrounged through the rest of my scraps from my initial rainbow fabric stack, and found enough leftovers to make a total of nine blocks.

I used House of a la Mode’s excellent tutorial to make my blocks.

Rainbow Spiderweb Blocks - Hooray for Rain
Rainbow Spiderweb Blocks - Hooray for Rain
Rainbow Spiderweb Quilt - Hooray for Rain
Rainbow Spiderweb Blocks - Hooray for Rain

There was even a double rainbow while I was piecing the blocks!

Rainbow - Hooray for Rain

All nine blocks are now sewn together, and looking pretty bright and cheerful!  

Rainbow Spiderweb Quilt Top - Hooray for Rain

Now, I struggle with what to do for the border. As I was piecing the blocks, I was thinking that I might do a gray border. However, once the blocks were put together, my immediate thought was that a white border would be perfect. I will likely end up going with the white border.

However, the spiderweb blocks have yielded more scraps! So I’m left wondering, what is the best use for these scraps?

Rainbow Spiderweb Quilt Scraps - Hooray for Rain

Should I trim some of them to one and one-quarter inch and place rainbow strips floating in the middle of the white border? Many of the strips would lack pink, red, and possibly orange when trimmed to that width, but at least a few would contain the full spectrum of colors.

Rainbow Spiderweb Block - Hooray for Rain

Or should I save all of the scraps and make some sort of improvised fractured rainbow - a fourth quilt in this series?

What kind of border would you put on this quilt?