Toilet Paper Tube Snowmen

Last year, after I made my Fabric Christmas Lights, I wanted a project to use up my scraps.  I was also hoping to find something to replace the Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Tube friends I had been using as decorations at work. I was happy to find the tutorial for these darling Toilet Paper Tube snowmen at Crafts by Amanda and set out to re-create them.

You'll need paper, pens or colored pencils (black, orange, and pink), small pom poms, pipe cleaners, scissors, fabric scraps, buttons, and a hot glue gun. For the buttons, I was lucky to have a large collection to choose from. My mom has an antique tin full of buttons collected over the last 40+ years, mostly from outfits that came with a spare. Digging through the collection was like visiting a fashion museum!

My 5 year old cousin T. loved playing with these snowmen over Christmas. I'm planning to make her pink and purple snow friends, per her request, for a mail surprise this month. If you have kids in your life, consider making them a snowman the next time you throw out an empty toilet paper roll!